An Artist Statement

First, and foremost, I’m an artist working in the field of culture production. I’m generally interested in using appropriated images as source material to simultaneously remove them from, and add them back to, a world that is already over-saturated with their existence and as society proceeds to homogeny I’ll be there to capture that image too. I use thick paint. It isn’t based on consumption, that disgusts me, the reason for thick paint is to give feeling back to the image. Society has lost all feeling of sight, we are blinded by the spectacle of it all. Music, and our sense of hearing, quickly fade as well as over-produced lack-of-talent inundates our ears. I want to restore our gift of touch; of the tactile. Go ahead, touch my work, conservation be damned, a child will die without human contact, and so too will the image if we’re not careful. So, I’ll continue to produce children, all carved from the found image, the likeness of that image a likeness of us all.

– Chad Patterson, Artist


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